The Municipal Energy Management in Vyshgorod project is going on

NakopaRussian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine significantly affected the Ukrainian-German project “Environmental Municipal Energy Consumption Management” (Nakopa-E-UKR-3-19) within the framework of the Municipal Energy Management in Vyshgorod, Kyiv region, in which Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogics Academy is engaged.

The municipal building, intended for pilot modernization, happened to be located in the war zone. Russian troops were stopped a few kilometers away from Vyshgorod, and the city was bombed. Naturally, that the construction work on the project was suspended; and the building was used as a bomb shelter. However, the project participants kept in touch via Zoom service. Weekly meetings were held and attended by Vitaliy Sardak, Deputy Mayor of Vyshgorod; Frau Dr. Kessel, the Municipality of Eichenau employee; Herr Jürgen Koberlein-Kerler,  the Engineering Bureau Director;  Oleksandr Kupriyanov, Vice-Rector for Research Work at UEPA and Julia Oliynyk, Associate Professor at Physics, Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering Department, UEPA.

After Russian troops had retreated, the town of Vyshgorod reintegrated into civilian life; and the infrastructure, which had been damaged by Russian invaders, was rebuilt. German partners have already provided considerable humanitarian aid. Сonstruction work within the framework of the Municipal Energy Management project are also being resumed. In the near future, roof insulation and attaching stairs will be completed and followed by facade insulation and air recirculation. UEPA students resumed working on the project’s presentation part.

Despite the war, we hope that the project will be successfully completed in November.

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