Collections of UEPA scientific papers are included in category “Б”!

uepa-magazinsBy the decision of the Attestation Board of the Ministry (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science №409 from 17.03.2020) our collections “Problems of Engineering and Pedagogical Education” and “Engineering” are included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine category “Б”. Congratulations to all of us!

For information: Ukrainian scientific Journals are certified for the quality of publications. If the publication is a professional, it indicates a certain level of articles, and such Journals are credited with the award of scientific degrees and titles. Non-professional Journals are generally non-serious publications. In turn, professional Journals according to the results of certification may be included in the category “A”, “Б” or “B”. “A” is the highest category that includes publications accepted into the world-renowned Scopus or Web of Science databases. Category «Б» are at the highest level, but not yet included in Scopus or Web of Science.

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