Laboratory work on the Material Strength from German university for students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Welding

As part of the Twinning initiative launched by the British company Cormack Consultancy Group, have been found – European universities-partners that help Ukrainian universities organize educational and research activities during the war, as well as contribute to the recovery of damaged infrastructure.

The Private Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik – PHWT (Private University of Business and Technology), situated in Germany in Lower Saxony with locations in Wecht and Deepholtz, founded in 1998, became a partner of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy. The Deepholtz campus offers four bachelor’s degree programs in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and industrial engineering. The Wecht Campus is home to the Department of Business Administration, which offers four bachelor’s programs in business administration, business information systems, and a master’s program in business administration and management.

As part of the cooperation, PHWT experts are conducting a series of demonstration laboratory work on Material Strength for students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Welding. On June 6, three laboratory works were demonstrated:

  1. Impact strength of plastics.
  2. Tensile strength of plastics.
  3. Tensile strength of steel.

The laboratory work was carried out at a high level and showed a keen interest from the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian teachers were especially active.

We would like to thank Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Lauter and Manuele Pilloni for organizing the series of labs, Thomas Schröder for providing excellent demonstrations and explanations. The translation was done by Alexander Brunner, and behind the camera was Joshua Zwickla.

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