UIPA postgraduate students started a course with a lecturer from the University of Konstanz (Germany) within the DAAD project

Within the framework of the project “Digital Ukraine: Ensuring Academic Success in Times of Crisis” project of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), implemented at UIPA together with the University of Konstanz (Germany), the postgraduate students have started the course “Theory and Methodology of Scientific Work”. The course is taught by Oksana Melnyk, a lecturer at the Department of Business and Economic Education I of the University of Konstanz (https://www.wiwi.uni-konstanz.de/en/deissinger/staff/academic-staff-members/academic-staff-members/oksana-melnyk/).

The training is conducted in Ukrainian, but with the involvement of European experience and English-language sources. The course focuses on writing a research paper, working with sources, preventing plagiarism, and creating a presentation of the work. The course is worth a total of three academic credits.

The selection for the course was competitive, with a total of 20 students from different years of UIPA postgraduate studies in the group. The course participants are provided with a scholarship from DAAD.

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