Municipal energy management project in Vyshgorod successfully completed

Despite the fact that the war continues in Ukraine, the electricity is regularly switch off and others problems and difficulties the project of municipal energy management Vyshgorod had finished in time.

The next steps of thermal modernization were made completely:

  1. replacement of windows for more energy-efficient;
  2. insulation of building’s roof;
  3. insulation of walls;
  4. installation of an individual heating unit;
  5. installing recuperators in each room;
  6. installation of ventilation and fire systems.

The higher education applicant faculty of Power energy and Automation Serhii Voitenko, who studied in electrical engineering, electrical engineering and electrical engineering during the two years of a master’s degree, calculated heat losses before and after thermal modernization, displayed in a master’s degree. These master’s degree was defended successfully.

As a result of working together, the theses in the international conference was published. And the certificates were received.

The theoretical and practical knowledge, which are received during the international working, is going to use in the courses «International scientific and technical cooperation in energy» and «Energy efficiency and new technologies in electrical and electric systems» by Yuliia Oliinyk.

This project was incredibly important for higher education applicants and teachers of UEPA because it enabled participation in the practical implementation the energy saving in a municipal building Kyiv region.

Thanks so much the city council of Vyshgorod, the city council of Eichenau (Germany), the IBK engineering office Koeberlein GmbH & Co. KG, Würzburg (Germany) and the German federal foundation «SKEW – Engagement Global» for the opportunity to take part in the project.

This the first project had started of the successful and interesting Ukrainian-German cooperation in the sphere on saving energy.

We hope the future cooperation and look forward the next project.

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