Collections of UEPA scientific papers are included in category “Б”!

uepa-magazinsBy the decision of the Attestation Board of the Ministry (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science №409 from 17.03.2020) our collections “Problems of Engineering and Pedagogical Education” and “Engineering” are included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine category “Б”. Congratulations to all of us!

For information: Ukrainian scientific Journals are certified for the quality of publications. If the publication is a professional, it indicates a certain level of articles, and such Journals are credited with the award of scientific degrees and titles. Non-professional Journals are generally non-serious publications. In turn, professional Journals according to the results of certification may be included in the category “A”, “Б” or “B”. “A” is the highest category that includes publications accepted into the world-renowned Scopus or Web of Science databases. Category «Б» are at the highest level, but not yet included in Scopus or Web of Science.

SCHOLA 2019 conference was held in Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

schola2019-0SCHOLA 2019, the fifteenth International Scientific Conference on Engineering Pedagogy have been past from 3 to 5 December in Kharkov, Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy.

This international conference aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences in Engineering Pedagogy. The tagline of the SCHOLA 2019 conference is “Engineering pedagogy unites”. Read more

Kupriyanov O. visited to the Technical University of Gabrovo

From November 13 to 15 O. Kupriyanov visited the Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. During a working visit Kupriyanov A.V. took part in the annual international conference Unitech, in the ceremony of celebrating the 55th anniversary of TU Gabrovo, held talks with the leadership of the university and representatives of delegations from other countries.

The cooperation of UEIPA with TU Gabrovo has more than 15 years history. UEPA students have repeatedly studied at this prestigious Bulgarian university. UEPA teachers took internship there and delivered lectures.


Read more

Innovative Transformations in Modern Education: Challenges, Realities, Strategies: Open Forum-ITME-CRS-2019

The Ukrainian Engineering – Pedagogics Academy co-organized the First All-Ukrainian Open Scientific and Practical Forum “Innovative Transformations in Modern Education: Challenges, Realities, Strategies”, which was held on October 10-13, 2019 in Odessa. The forum highlights current issues of educational Ukrainian industries in the information society.

Download forum materials.

Memorandum with UEPA and Kharkiv IT Claster

UEPA-ITClaster4Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy has signed a memorandum with the public organization Kharkiv IT Claster. Rector of UIPA Kovalenko Olena, Executive Director of Kharkiv IT Cluster Olga Shapoval, Vice-Rector for Research of UIPA Kupriyanov Olexander and Head of the Department of Information Computer Technologies and Mathematics Nechuiviter Olesya took part in the signing procedure.

The Kharkiv IT Claster unites companies and educational institutions whose work is related to information technologies. The cluster carries out activities aimed at developing the technological environment for business and promotes a significant number of educational projects. The UIPA is interested in participating in the following 2019 projects:

  • workshops on current topics for students in the framework – OPEN IT;

• news from the IT world for university professors – Professors2IT.